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Beige velvet sofas

The sun rises with this line of sofas. It brightens up every room and can be wonderfully combined both in high contrast and tone on tone.Available in three sizes and as a corner sofa with the corner optionally on the right or left. Can be flexibly combined as a seating group with matching stools in different designs.

The unique effect of our beige sofas is particularly natural and airy. It is a very noble and at the same time warm beige. We deliberately avoided a yellow tinge. Rather, this great color is in the range of light earth and sand tones. Order one of our free fabric samples. These are particularly helpful because they reflect the color live in your living room as it really is. Studio lighting and artificial light can artificially lighten the color, changing its effect. A fabric sample also makes the decision easier, as you can feel and experience the wonderfully soft fabric.

Unlike cream or white, our beige has an earthy reference. It radiates warmth and neutrality, while being friendly and understated in a very elegant way. It lets the room shine and looks spacious and light, both in our small 2-seaters and in the large corner sofas. It also allows many combinations. Whether it's a light or dark wooden floor, a smooth tile or a cozy carpet - there will be few floor coverings that don't go perfectly with one of our beige-colored sofas. Flexibility is therefore very important here.

You don't have to worry too much about living with a beige sofa in everyday life. Of course, stains and spots are often more visible on light surfaces than on dark backgrounds. But that shouldn't be a reason to do without a light sofa model, not even with pets or small children. Our fabrics consist of a very high-quality microfiber with a particularly dense material structure. The abrasion resistance of over 100,000 abrasion cycles enables stains to be treated intensively and, if you act quickly, most of the stains do not even penetrate the fabric. A damp towel is usually sufficient to quickly remove a wide variety of stains. Nothing stands in the way of your bright seating set.

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