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Velvet sofas, couches, poufs and living areas with matching accessories. Noble shapes and colors combined with the highest comfort factor - that is the world of AMARIS Elements.


Founded in 2016, we have made it our mission to close the gap between exclusive design and high comfort. You should never want to get up from your dream sofa again. Every corner needs to be comfortably upholstered and comfortable enough for hours of lounging on the couch. High-quality materials and detailed craftsmanship - Made in Europe - ensure exactly this quality and longevity. Discover our sofa world.


Have you become curious about the high quality and the special seating comfort of our sofas? But you would like to convince yourself personally? No problem! Our headquarters in Hamburg and our constantly growing network of cooperation partners in Germany and Austria are available for you to try out.

We made a conscious decision to avoid expensive shops. You should get the best possible price for an absolute quality sofa and not pay expensive locations. Rather, you will meet nice boutiques and friendly beauty salons at our cooperation partners, get to know great people and experience our outstanding seating comfort.


We grant a guarantee of 5 years on all sofas and stools that are used in a private household. So we are always at your side even after you have bought a sofa. However, the guarantee does not cover the normal wear and tear of a piece of furniture or the contents of the upholstery. In addition, the guarantee excludes damage caused by improper handling. Any treatment, placement or assembly other than that of the product is therefore not covered by the guarantee. Dirt caused in everyday life by food, liquids, clothing, etc., for example, is also not included. However, we are still at your side with advice and action on these issues and will surely find a solution.


The products in our collections are made both by hand and with the help of high-quality machines in our neighboring country, Poland. From there they are transported by truck to our logistics partner Rhenus Logistics in Hoppegarten (near Berlin) and are stored here until we receive your order. This then makes its way to you by truck. You can find out more about our terms of delivery here .


Sustainability plays a very important role in the production of all AMARIS items. Local materials are preferred, such as beech from Germany for the sofa frames. This is not only of particularly high quality, but also protects the environment from unnecessarily long transports and the associated pollution due to its proximity to the production site. All the materials we use also comply with EU standards for the production of upholstered furniture.


We deliberately do without a production site far away from our customers. The distances are kept as short as possible and thus make an important contribution to our environment, because every kilometer means an additional burden. As you can see, our products find their way directly to you and the order and delivery chain is completely in our hands. Sustainability and social responsibility are also firmly anchored at our logistics partner Rhenus Logistics. Learn more.


Short distances and the direct connection to the production site ensure the best possible price-performance ratio. There are no middlemen who raise the price because of their margin. You get your new sofa directly from AMARIS Elements and we take care of it from production to delivery to your living room - and of course beyond that.


We know the challenges of different projects and are at your side in the areas of hotel & gastronomy, furnished living or interior design & home staging. From the highest quality standards to small and large quantities to optimal and flexible delivery conditions, we are the right contact for your project. Learn more.


Let's stay in contact! For questions, suggestions, personal advice or a wide variety of problems - we are always at your side.

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