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Each project has its individual concept and the associated specifications and requirements. AMARIS Elements knows the challenges of a wide range of project work on a small and large scale and is at your side with many years of experience and flexible options.




Processing with the highest quality standards

Contract furniture is used intensively and has to meet the highest demands. They are used on a daily basis and the demands on their service life are high. Our upholstered furniture has cover fabrics made from the finest microfibers with an abrasion resistance of >100,000 abrasion cycles. They are correspondingly robust, stain-resistant and can be treated in many ways. The upholstery combines a stable service life with outstanding comfort.

Short production and delivery times

All products in our range are 'Made in Europe'. The distances to our production site are short. With the help of a standardized and regular production run, we avoid long delivery times. The proximity to production enables a high degree of flexibility and prevents unforeseeable complications on the transport route.

“Despite numerous practical aspects, you don't have to do without an attractive design with AMARIS products. On the contrary. We have set ourselves the goal of combining durability and a real eye-catcher.”

Flexible quantities

Small and large quantities can be delivered in equal measure and do not require a long lead time. We are happy to adapt to your needs.

Professional packaging and logistics processing

Each item is professionally packed and shipped according to European standards. In addition, we are happy to pass on our flexibility in processing to our customers: Your project has individual requirements, the dates are not fixed or the quantities are not yet clearly defined? We adapt to your requirements and offer numerous individual design options for the finalization of your projects with the help of interim storage until the actual delivery date or delivery in partial quantities.

made to measure

Big projects have big demands. We are happy to comply with the specifications of your project. From an individual minimum order quantity, which varies depending on the article, our products can be customized for you. We have an additional range of fabrics and a diverse range of colours. We can also adjust the dimensions of our sofas and stools according to your specifications. The niche for the sofa only has a certain depth and the upholstery fabric should have a very specific colour? No problem. With the help of samples and intensive exchange, we approach your desired product.

Let's talk about your project and find the right solution together!

For inquiries or a consultation contact us at:

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The AMARIS delivery area is large. We carry out orders from other EU countries with corresponding tax exemption for intra-Community deliveries individually for you. Please contact us via the contact options mentioned.

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