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Our corner sofas

Highest comfort factor meets noble design and perfect processing. Our corner sofas offer space for the whole family. The matching stools are the perfect complement. Do you have a special request in terms of dimensions or the cover fabric? Contact us and we will surely find a solution.

If you want a lot of space , a corner sofa is a particularly good choice. It consists of a generous sofa part, which can be combined with a chaise longue on either the right or left side. This combination ensures that two perspectives are created. In addition, a corner set creates a fully-fledged living area that, in combination with a beautiful coffee table, creates a well-rounded picture.


On a corner sofa with a length of approx. 3 meters there is usually room for four people to sit and relax. In addition, two people can easily lie next to each other - both on the sofa part and on the recamier standing in front. If the corner sofa has flexible back cushions, these allow the corner sofa to be individually designed for a wide variety of purposes. They can be placed on edge or leaned at an angle. The seat increases or decreases accordingly. In order to maximize the lying surface, there is also the option of completely removing the back cushions. This is how the AMARIS corner sofas 'Newman' and 'Moore' have a lying area with a width of 85 cm. If necessary, this can be converted into a guest bed and covered accordingly. An additional sleeping place is already gained. Generous corner sofas are not only used for comfortable sitting and lying down, but also as a place to sleep for guests .


The corner sofas 'Newman' and 'Moore' have exactly the same dimensions and the same design - they only differ in their orientation . With 'Newman' the corner is on the left when looking straight at the sofa. Accordingly, it is on the right when sitting on the sofa. The situation is reversed with the AMARIS model 'Moore'. Here the corner is on the right side when looking at the sofa head-on and on the left side when sitting on the sofa.


Choosing the right corner is an important decision that should be influenced by numerous factors. The layout of the living room is just as important as the arrangement of the windows, doors and heaters. In addition, when deciding on the right sofa, it is important to plan where a possible television should be placed. Here, the double orientation of a corner sofa offers the advantage that you can look frontally on three sides with your legs up. Another plus in terms of flexibility.



Different sizes

Individual sofas are available in different sizes in the AMARIS range: as a 2-seater 'George' with a length of 2m. As a 3-seater 'Cooper' with a length of 2.25m and as an XL 4-seater 'Monroe' with a length of 2.65m. In all models, the armrests have a width of 20cm, so that 40cm must be deducted from the total length for both armrests in order to calculate the length of the seat and bed surface of a model. On our product pages you will also find a drawing with the corresponding dimensions for all models.


Compared to a corner sofa, a single sofa saves space because, in addition to its length, it does not have a forward orientation in the form of an ottoman. This applies to the two-seater as well as the three- and four-seater. If you still want a way to put your feet up, we recommend flexible stools in the same cover fabric and with a height that matches the sofa. Simply place a stool on one or both sides of the sofa and you have an individually designed L-shaped sofa or a U-shape. A selection of matching stools is available from AMARIS to match all sofa models in round ('James') and square ('Joe') as well as in small and large. The stools can serve both as a shelf and as an additional seat for guests. They can also be placed individually, for example in another room, to make the living room a little cleaner from time to time. Both the small and the large stools are suitable as a pouf in the bedroom or as a seat in the hallway.


For larger rooms, the individual sofas are suitable as part of a spacious living and seating area . For example, you can place two single sofas - no matter what size - opposite each other and complement the created seating area with a matching coffee table. A combination across the corner can also be designed with two sofas that are either different or of the same size. A larger sofa is often chosen as the central element - and a smaller model as a side supplement.

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