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Wow! Blue velvet!

The noble blue with a high proportion of gray is a great eye-catcher and gives your living room an interesting look that will not be quickly forgotten.Available in three sizes and as a corner sofa with the corner optionally on the right or left. Can be flexibly combined as a seating group with matching stools in different designs.

Strictly speaking, the upholstery fabric of our blue sofa line is a mixture of blue and grey. The gray softens the blue in a positive sense and ensures that it doesn't appear gaudy or too dominant. The result is a wonderfully warm shade that exudes both coolness and coziness. The same applies to the sofa design, resulting in the perfect connection.

Sofas from this color line are real eye-catchers, but without being obtrusive or overly dazzling. They fit into the most diverse ambiences, make a special statement, but do not dominate. Blue brings nonchalance into your living room. Flexibly selectable decorative elements, such as decorative cushions or a silk plaid, can also influence the effect of the blue upholstery fabric. For example, purple silk cushions create a completely different look than a mottled gray wool blanket. Both elements are a suitable complement, but create a completely different style of living.

What exactly does the color blue evoke in us? Blue makes us awake and alert. It's refreshing and invigorating. In combination with a high proportion of gray, there is also a high cosiness factor and that is exactly what makes this color mix special. Living comfort that you don't want to part with again. You don't have to if one of our blue-grey sofas becomes your new favorite spot.

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