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Gray velvet sofas

A shade to fall in love with. The noble gray is a warm and elegant shade. It fits into almost any ambience and can be combined in many ways.Available in three sizes and as a corner sofa with the corner optionally on the right or left. Can be flexibly combined as a seating group with matching stools in different designs.

Gray has been a trend color for a long time, not only in fashion. It makes other colors shine and goes very well with numerous wood tones as well as white and black. Gray looks modern and calming at the same time. However, there is an enormous variety of gray tones. A cool steel gray or dark anthracite can be clearly distinguished from a light and warm shade of grey. Our gray sofa line is the latter color scheme. The proportion of beige in our shade of gray is high, creating a friendly warmth that makes every room shine in a special way.

Our gray line impresses with its simplicity and neutrality. It is versatile and can be combined in many different ways. In addition, even the most divided group of people will agree on this shade, because almost everyone likes it. He doesn't offend, on the contrary. This gray blends in easily anywhere and can be transformed with the help of other elements and materials like no other color in our range.

Convince yourself with a free fabric sample, which you can also order together with other favorites. We will send you the samples free of charge within a few days and you already have the opportunity to build up your own feeling. In order to see all the light and dark nuances of a color in their full effect, we recommend examining the samples at different times of the day and at different incidences of light. You will be surprised how diverse and multifaceted our color selection is.

One thing is certain: Boring mousy gray is a thing of the past. Today, gray is one of the most sought-after colors in the interior world and meets design and comfort in our range. These sofas lack nothing.

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