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Shipping and Payment

1. Shipping Costs

1.1 The transport for orders within Germany up to the curb is free of charge. The "all-round carefree package" costs €69.00 and guarantees delivery to your desired location as well as taking the packaging material with you. We recommend this service for all deliveries weighing more than 70kg (sofa deliveries).

For a standard delivery (delivery to the curb) to other EU countries, the following fees are charged:

Invoice amount up to €500.00, shipping costs €49.00 /

Invoice amount from €500.00, shipping costs €69.00.

The following fees are charged for the "all-round carefree package" (delivery to the desired location, taking the packaging material with you) to other EU countries:

Invoice amount up to €500.00, shipping costs €69.00 /

Invoice amount from €500.00, shipping costs €99.00.

1.2 Deliveries to non-EU countries incur additional duties, taxes and fees.

1.3 The following conditions also apply to deliveries to Switzerland:

1.3.1 The goods are calculated exclusively at net prices. The statutory VAT, which is required in Germany, is therefore not applicable. You pay the freight forwarder who delivers the goods to you the 8.0% VAT that is applicable in Switzerland. are mandatory.

1.3.2 All customs formalities are taken care of by us. Any applicable duties such as customs, import tax, etc. must be paid by you.

2. Terms of delivery and reservation of self-supply

2.1 Delivery takes place within Germany and Europe-wide.

2.2 The delivery time for available goods is 4-5 working days (within Germany). For deliveries abroad, the delivery time is extended by 3-7 working days. For goods to be ordered, the delivery time is specified individually.

2.3 If not all ordered products are in stock, we are entitled to make partial deliveries at our expense, provided this is reasonable for you.

2.4 If delivery of the goods fails despite three delivery attempts, we can withdraw from the contract. Any payments made will be refunded to you immediately.

2.5 If the ordered product is not available because we are not supplied with this product by our suppliers through no fault of our own, we can withdraw from the contract. In this case, we will inform you immediately and, if necessary, suggest the delivery of a comparable product. If no comparable product is available or you do not want a comparable product to be delivered, we will immediately reimburse you for any services already rendered.

3. Terms of Payment

3.1 Payment can be made either in advance, direct debit, credit card (American Express, Master Card, Visa Card), Maestro card, purchase on account, Klarna, Apple Pay, Google Pay, payment in installments (Mollie) or PayPal.

3.1.1 If you select the advance transfer payment method, we will give you our bank details in the order confirmation. The invoice amount is to be transferred to our account within 3 days.

If we cannot determine that payment has been received on our account during this time, we will unfortunately have to cancel your order and release the reserved goods.

3.1.2 Payment by credit card

1. Please enter your credit card details on our secure payment page in the third step of the order shipping & payment.

2. The data is then sent directly from the SSL-encrypted system to the credit card company.

3. After a successful credit card check, the invoice amount will initially be reserved on your credit card and only automatically debited as soon as the goods leave our premises. Due to this automated process, the correctness and security of the transaction can be guaranteed.

After the transaction has been completed, we will process your order within the delivery period specified under § 5. Note: Credits from returns will be credited back to your credit card.

We accept the following credit cards: Visa Card, Master Card, American Express

3.1.3 When paying by direct debit, your account will be debited when the goods leave our warehouse.

3.2 If you are in arrears with payment, the purchase price shall be subject to interest at a rate of 5% above the base interest rate during the period of arrears. We reserve the right to prove and claim higher damages caused by delay.

3.3 You only have the right to offset if your counterclaims have been legally established by a court or are undisputed or have been recognized by us in writing.

3.4 From the 2nd reminder level, all discounts and discounts granted to you will become invalid and will be invoiced separately.

3.5 You can only exercise a right of retention if the claims result from the same contractual relationship.

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