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green green green...

Here a magical hue meets our classic design. The green sofa line with its velvety shimmer is a special highlight and is not easily overlooked. Absolute wow effect!Available in three sizes and as a corner sofa with the corner optionally on the right or left. Can be flexibly combined as a seating group with matching stools in different designs.

Dark green velvet combines magic and coziness. Green stands for hope - is there a nicer statement? But the color green has more to offer. It embodies nature, freshness and a new beginning and thus has numerous positive attributes in its luggage. A good reason to include them in your personal furnishing concept.

The green velvet fabric of the AMARIS collection is robust, stain-resistant and versatile. It is a rich, dark green. The richer and stronger a green is, the more extroverted it appears. It is classic and modern at the same time. In daylight, it unfolds its full color strength and lets it shine with numerous light nuances. In the dark and in indirect light, it shows its dark coloring and radiates a very special magic.

Its velvety shimmer ensures that our dark green couches can be combined with both shiny materials and matt surfaces. You are therefore in good company with metallic surfaces as well as with a wide variety of wood tones. Whether matt or glossy, a green velvet sofa also blends in wonderfully in terms of color and is versatile. For example, it can be decorated with the large color world of gray and silver tones. The same applies to the earth tones of beige, taupe or sand. But black is also a very special statement in combination with green fabric and sets strong accents.

We have found that the tasteful elegance of a dark green sofa cannot be surpassed in a hurry. Be brave and try it!

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