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Why do we need to raise our prices?

It is always a pleasure to learn how happy our customers are with the purchase of their AMARIS sofa. In addition to the look, it is also the quality that is decisive. And it is our daily motivation to maintain this satisfaction. We just love our job!

However, the rising production costs also present us with the challenge of ensuring the quality of the sofas with the usual materials.

The alternative would be: we cut back on quality and the price stays the same. This contradicts our vision of the perfect sofa and does not meet your requirements.

What do you think of the idea of ​​ordering now?

Order today - we deliver when it suits you.

Your spatial change is still pending?

We know it too well, don't we? You are planning to buy a new sofa, but the move, the painting, the remodeling or or or .. is not yet complete.

We don't want to fall into the house with the door or the sofa either!

Order before May 15th.

Next idea! Order before May 15th. Your dream sofa and secure the usual price.

The next step will be personal - we'll call you :)

There's nothing like anticipation, right?

You took advantage of the opportunity and ordered your sofa? Then the anticipation phase officially begins! However, we will have to interrupt you briefly, as we will agree on your desired delivery date together with you.

Installment payments - also a good alternative!

Did you know that you can also select installment payments by Klarna in the checkout? Then you can not only plan your desired date, but also finance the sofa over your desired period.

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... because we have many ideas, new products, great offers and you should be the first to know about them!

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