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The sofa delivery: a challenge in everyday life?

The sofa delivery: a challenge in everyday life?
The first step has been taken: the decision for the new sofa has been made. Delivery is now pending. And this can undoubtedly cause headaches. Whether planning the appointment, the job, the 3rd floor of an apartment building or unpacking the delivered items - there are a few factors to consider. As a customer, you are dependent on the planning and organization of the seller, which is why you should get a detailed picture here in advance.

Coordinating an appointment in advance is an absolute must, as is the transport to the living room for pieces of furniture weighing more than 70 kg. If the delivery is also individually tailored to your desired date, if necessary the collection of the old sofa can be booked or the packaging of your order is taken back straight away, it is a smooth process tailored to you. You will receive this if you book the "all-round carefree package" as a delivery option with AMARIS Elements. All of the aforementioned services are included in shipping costs of €69.00 and are therefore an integral part of the delivery. This type of service avoids any stress that may arise and lets you enjoy the anticipation of the new seating furniture in peace.

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