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Pets, small children and a chic sofa - does that go together?

Pets, small children and a chic sofa - does that go together?
For a sofa with a sturdy fabric, this question can be answered with a resounding YES. High-quality microfibers are particularly recommended. They are insensitive to stains and do not roughen, even with demanding use, eg from animal paws. Hair can also be easily removed with a vacuum cleaner. Nothing stands in the way of cozy hours with the animal members of the family.
With small children, the danger is less in the abrasion of the fabric and more in the area of the stains. A piece of banana in one hand and a milk bottle in the other hand. Something can and will quickly go wrong here. However, these stains cannot harm the AMARIS Elements sofas with their robust and stain-resistant fabric. A damp towel is enough for 90% of the stains that arise in everyday life with children to be removed in no time without leaving any residue. And if a stain turns out to be a bit more stubborn, the back and seat cushions can be removed with a zip. For removal, dry cleaning treatment is recommended to maintain exact fit.

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