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How do I find the perfect sofa for me? What should I pay attention to?

How do I find the perfect sofa for me? What should I pay attention to?
A big question. The demands on our favorite piece of furniture "the sofa" are high. It should be soft and comfortable to lie on. Definitely not uncomfortable. But of course you also want to sit comfortably, for this it must not be too soft. And absolutely beautiful to look at. So how do you find the right balance and what quality really convinces? Especially when shopping online without trying it out beforehand, it is sometimes not easy to answer these questions. And how do you ensure security? We at AMARIS Elements have set ourselves the task of overcoming this threshold and conveying the comfort of our sofas even before delivery. Detailed videos of our different sofa models show the furniture in all situations and thus give a good impression of the quality of workmanship, seating comfort, upholstery and generosity. The dispatch of free fabric samples within a few days and a detailed consultation (by telephone or video call in front of one of the sofa models) answer the remaining questions in no time at all.

It is important to ask exactly what the new couch should actually do in advance. Is it primarily intended for sitting bolt upright on it, or are cozy “lounging evenings” what the sofa is primarily intended for? The following rule applies here: A generous seat (from a depth of approx. 70cm) allows flexibility. You can lie down comfortably in a corner and have plenty of space to stretch your legs. For sitting, the seat can be shortened with the use of flexible back cushions. To do this, the cushions must be draped accordingly so that they pull the backrest forward. The desired effect is already created. But be careful: it doesn't work the other way around. A sofa with little depth is optimally created for longer sitting moments. However, the comfort when lying down is usually not given here. There simply isn't enough space to lay down and lie down comfortably.

There is also the question of the number of people who will spend time (at the same time) on the sofa in most cases. Again, a lot of depth is of course a winner in terms of flexibility. For example, if you place the back cushions in the corner of an AMARIS sofa, two people can comfortably lie next to each other. Thanks to their recamier, the spacious corner sofas also invite you to place the small or animal family members comfortably for a cozy streaming evening.

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