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Everything fits: Customize my sofa corner

Everything fits: Customize my sofa corner
Every living room is individual and every room has its own dimensions. When it comes to furnishing, these are of course incredibly important and provide the basis for the design. But which design variant is better? Do you put two 3-seaters across from each other? Or would you prefer a corner sofa with a recamier?

And then there is the orientation: a corner sofa has an orientation in two directions when viewed lying down. With straight sofas, you can only lie down in one direction. It is important to check in advance where you want to look when you are lying on the sofa. Often it is in the direction of the television. This should therefore be placed in such a way that the viewing direction is correct. You can turn your head at times, but in the long run this is a shortcoming in terms of comfort. But this problem can also be solved easily: If you add a matching footstool to your sofa, the problem is solved. Due to the all-round soft upholstery of the AMARIS sofa line, you can lean back comfortably and put your feet up. So you have the possibility to look forward as well as to the side while lying down.

There are a lot of things to consider when choosing a new sofa - including the exact placement. Seating furniture should not be placed too close to the heater. So some distance is needed here. Depending on the intensity of the heat, 30cm is a good guideline. A seating set near the window is particularly beautiful due to the brightness and the view. However, the opening of the windows or, if necessary, the patio door must always be taken into account. These should not be blocked.

Small rooms in particular therefore need a good and coherent concept. Sometimes it's not just the big corner sofa that's needed here, but rather a 2- or 3-seater sofa with a matching stool. This can be taken out if necessary or placed elsewhere in other situations. The AMARIS Elements sofa line offers many options here. All items of one color - whether sofa or stool - have the right cover fabric and the height of the items is exactly coordinated. Numerous combinations are therefore possible. The sofa line also offers different sofa lengths. From 2m - 3m almost everything is included. Various sizes and shapes also allow for a great deal of creative freedom with the stools or footstools. Round or square, small or large - you just have to find the right stool.

With large rooms and a corresponding amount of space, there are no limits to creativity. Large pieces of furniture in large rooms give the whole look an open and spacious design. If you love symmetry, place two 4-seater sofas opposite each other. With AMARIS Elements, these have a length of 2.65m and, when combined, form a wonderful frame for a seating group. A corner variant can also be combined very elegantly. For example with matching stools or a matching 2-seater sofa with a length of 2 meters. This combination is less symmetrical, but all the more interesting. In addition, it offers enough space for 5-6 people to sit. The lying comfort is correspondingly generous.

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