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Focus on colour: simple and poignant or rather daring?

Focus on colour: simple and poignant or rather daring?
Simple colors such as beige, gray or dove fit into any ambience. They are bright, friendly and go well with almost every other shade. But does it always have to be simple or can you allow yourself a visual highlight in the form of a real eye-catcher? A sofa in a color that you might not have chosen first, but that has always appealed to you. A dark green or the strong blue, which has already appealed to you in one or the other fashion series - in the future as a modern living landscape in your living room. Why not?

Ultimately, the environment is crucial. Strong tones find a wonderful complement both in a simple environment and in combination with other strong tones. In this way, the sofa corner can be the visual highlight of your living room - simply because of the color chosen. As an alternative, you can also choose a striking design with a simple color - and thus create a real eye-catcher.

A plain wooden or tiled floor can tolerate an expressive color just as well as light-colored walls or metallic surfaces in the form of tables or decorations. So there is nothing wrong with being brave and choosing a color that has been your favorite for a long time for a large piece of furniture such as a corner sofa or a larger living area. Just such an eye-catcher are the sofa models in modern blue or elegant dark green from AMARIS Elements, which form a real interior highlight with the addition of the matching stool.

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