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Suitability for everyday use with sofas - chic alone is not enough!

Suitability for everyday use with sofas - chic alone is not enough!
The sofa not only sweetens the end of the day, it is also one of the most used pieces of furniture next to the bed. Accordingly, a couch should not only look great, because that is not all. It has to be robust.

Insensitive to stains and if something happens, not too squeamish in the treatment. Removing a stain often requires a certain amount of friction. For these, an upholstery fabric needs a high level of abrasion resistance, otherwise it will become rough. In this case, the stain has been removed, but a new problem has arisen: the fabric of your couch has a rough spot.

AMARIS Elements sofas have cover fabrics with very high abrasion resistance. This is over 100,000 abrasion cycles. This means that even greater friction cannot harm it. Its nature does not change. This sweetens not only the end of the day, but also everyday life. And that takes up a lot of our time. So make it as relaxed as possible and don't let small accidents at your favorite spot annoy you. With the selection of the right sofa, this is not even necessary.

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